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(PFAC) Pentecostal Faith Asssembly Church 5347-53 Pulaski Avenue Phila, PA 19144

Storytelling Through Health and Wellness

March 18, 2020 10 am - 2 pm

Storytelling Through Health and Wellness Trainings is an educational training and workshop is formatted by power point. Our training and activities fully involves and enhances the attendee’s participation. UrStorytellers emphasizes the importance of why one should tell his or her story giving empowerment, hope, and self-determination to others. You can never predict the effect that someone else’s story may have on another.

2646 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Spanish Storytelling Through Health & Wellness Training

March 28, 2020 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We takes a population health and holistic approach at every  Storytelling training, We help many in way including forming a bio of one’s journey in trauma, abuse, resilience and the growth process in recovery. This not only involves and is not limited mental health, but also includes substance use, loss of a loved- one, financial loss, spiritual, and physical challenges. It is becoming the driving force of motivation and healing. You will never know how much one's story can affect someone else and help you through your JOURNEY.

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