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About Us!


UrStorytellers is a business that specialize in educational trainings and peer mentoring. Every member that joins us began their own personal journey telling their story. Then decide to share with the world. Our goal is to inform, educate and bring awareness to all communities of why one should tell his or her story. We offer many other training's and resources that will help every individual and community member reach their full potential. Ultimately expanding to every community introducing how and what storytelling means to you. Its been proven that telling personal stories has helped influenced communities in some shape, form or another. 

We all had reached a common ground and found it through recovery. Our stories has inspired faith-based organizations, providing agencies and the recovery community at large. The passion to help other  had went beyond being in recovery, but to reduce stigma, to advocate and to educate individual Facilitators. Our goal is to continue to inform the community through the inspiration of our stories. 

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