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Success Stories

Read over Ur Story Teller participants journey.

K Nelson's Story

My story involves my aunt. She has been clean for close to ten years. Her struggle with drugs began with her separation from her husband. She had always dabbled in drugs with her husband some weed, coke but nothing real heavy. But when he left her she sunk deep into drug use. She became addicted to crack and was a true addict. She looked terrible . I will never forget one day when she dropped by my mom's house and I was home alone. I was like 18 and I was afraid to let her in cause I thought she or her friend might steal something. Her family was devastated by her drug use. Her daughter became pregnant at 15, 16, and 18. At age 20 she was a mother of 3 and no mother to help. My aunt eventually went to rehab and got clean but she has had a long road back. To this day my aunt and her daughter are still working through issues from her drug use. However she remains clean and working to stay that way.


Ur Storytellers

Storytelling was implemented through many of our ancestors passing from generation to generation, traditions and customs. These teachings of great struggles of pain, faith, vision, and inspiration. Their stories have brought families together to understand themselves as well as one's recovery. Now stories are introduced to many as a way of understanding what one has faced. To share personal challenges and their individual recovery process advocating, strengthen, empowering, and to encourage the road to the future.

Frog Legg's Story

I thank God for his abundant mercies in allowing me to still be here in the land of the living. Having gone through a quadruple heart bypass and still in recovery I wanted to share my experience with those who are not aware of the situations that led to the operation and the process of recovery. I've given bits and pieces of my experience on FB and to those caring friends who either liked my posts or made comments I deeply appreciate your prayers and concern. I've lived most of my life relatively healthy having never been in a hospital for any health reason.
Although in recent years I developed diabetes and high blood pressure and maintaining them through medication. I've faithfully attended all of my doctor visits through the years to stay on top of my health. In February of this year when I visit my doctor he informed me of my last cardiogram.
With a look of concern he said...


Tell Your Story

Join others who have found success through utilizing our storytelling methods. Attend our next Ur Story Tellers training to begin your healing journey.

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